It is profitable to own a shipping container

It was in 1956 that an oil tanker transported 58 containers from New Jersey to Houston. This was considered as an achievement in the history of sea transport. Now, the position is such that a container ship can transport as much as 19,000 containers with each container of 20 feet equivalent unit also called as TEU. This highlights the enormous increase in the volume of container transport. This phenomenon is not limited to the USA. You can find this trend in the UK, Canada, Australia and in several other Asian Countries as well. In fact, since the recent past, there has been a considerable increase in the container transport in Perth wide as well.

Types of containers:

Containers also called as shipping containers are used for transporting materials across the sea. These containers are available in different sizes. The containers are made of special steel of specific gauge and size, and they are designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions of the sea. Apart from shipping containers you also find exclusively designed containers that are used for transporting materials by air, rail as well as by road. In fact, there are containers which measure 53 feet in size and such containers are used for transporting materials by rail.

Design of containers:

From their external appearance, containers appear like large-sized boxes. In fact, those used in container transport Perth wide are provided with doors having locking facilities. The inside of the container is provided with racks of appropriate size, which help in keeping materials of smaller size. Further, the containers are also provided with lighting facilities, which help in loading and unloading materials from the container. There are also containers with air conditioner facilities.

Own a container:

Initially, shipping containers, which are also called as containerization were extensively used for transporting coal from one region to another in wooden boxes. Now, you can find containers made of fiber glass, aluminum and various other materials. If you are venturesome, you can also own a shipping container. You may buy the container of specific design and style, take an insurance policy not only for the container but also for the cargo in it. Thereafter, you may start using them for transporting materials.

Get lease charges:

Now, you may use the containers for transporting cargo. Alternatively, you may hire the container from any of the freight company in which case you will be required to pay lease charges. This method of hiring the services of container transport Perth firms provide is called as one trip container. Once you buy the container you should also ensure there is enough space to be offloaded from the truck. This is called as ‘sitting of the container’. If you do not find enough space to offload your container, then you may have to pay to the transportation company for the delay in offloading the container. Before offloading the container you should ensure there is easy accessibility to your container.

Get a quote:

You will have to browse to find companies that can ship your cargo in your container. The terms for transportation charges of the container vary from one shipping company to another. Therefore, you should get a quote from different shipping companies. Now, you may shortlist the shipping company after carefully going through the terms and conditions offered by each of the shipping companies.