Steps to obtain information you need on selecting a plastic surgeon:

1. Is the doctor certified in plastic surgery and for how long have they been practicing?

2. How many overall surgery's of this type has the doctor performed and how recently?
3. Where will the surgery be performed, in a hospital, clinic or the physicians own facility? Is the location accredited?
4. Does this surgery require anesthesia and if so who administers it? There should be a board certified anesthesiologist or a registered nurse that is certified in anesthesia.
5. Does the surgery location have all of the required equipment for monitoring as well as life saving equipment?
6. Risk factors should always be considered before any surgery. What are the possible risks, complications, etc. and are the doctor and his staff competent to handle any problems that might arise.
7. What is the expected recovery time for this type of surgery and what activities can you perform while recovering.
8. Before committing to any doctor, you should check with the medical board for that state to see if there have been any medical malpractice suits or complaints against the doctor.
9. Lastly, what is your comfort level with the doctor and his staff? Do they treat you with respect and take the time to answer your questions? In addition to the above steps, do not be afraid to follow your instincts as well.

When contemplating plastic surgery there are steps you should take to find the right plastic surgeon and decisions to make on where you wish to recuperate.